Google AdWords or Facebook Ads

Should a beginner learn Facebook ads or AdWords?

The question is in every third person’s mouth. What is the right place to learn? Well, it entirely depends upon one’s interest. Both Facebook Ads and AdWords have some pros and cons, and let’s check them out at different checkpoints.

Stats :

Facebook has 1.18 Billion active users per day, whereas Google has 40k searches per second.

Business level :

Facebook Ads hit AdWords for targeting the users based on their interests. Because its Newsfeed is refreshed every moment by the users, it gets easier to approach the good number of people searching for the product or services of their interest. Whereas AdWords are good at hunting ads to some specific location.



It comes to your Budget. Of course, Facebook has a higher CPC (cost-per-click) than AdWords.


In terms of money, even if you are running a small ads campaign, you should go for FB; you can start with a budget of $100 or $5, but keep the services you are providing in your mind because it is the most significant factor. And if you have a good amount to spend on ads, you should go for Google Ads.

Many brands are spending a significant amount on their product advertisement. It allows the promotion of their services at a far more reasonable rate than other platforms. They are investing in both ads.



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


— Benjamin Franklin

When it comes to the learning purpose, one should not consider the demand for a particular skill. It would help if you chose both, and it nourishes your sense of deciding whether to choose what for a long term job. Both Facebook and Google have a valuable market for new and different products or the need for a specific query. Both should be learnt, but as for selecting one for a particular reason, you see where you can compete in a better way.