google adwords & CPC

What is Google AdWords?

Google provides a platform for sellers to sell their products by advertising on Google and other independent platforms. Google AdWords is primarily about consumers who want to sell their products, and they can place ads on Google AdWords to promote their products. Companies can register on login and set their budgets for campaigns. The advertising campaign that people post on Google is based on keywords. 

How does a search engine work?

Google ads are based on keywords; the most important thing you need to remember is what people are looking for on the web. They search using keywords, especially what does Google do? If I want to buy a particular product, I type the product’s name, and I want to buy it online so that Google displays a list of websites based on the word that the user is providing on the search engine.

Google can also display your ads at the top of the page by AdWords. The important thing about Google or other search engines’ campaigns is that when a user clicks on it, Google charges the publisher. If I want to advertise, I want to run AdWords campaigns for my business, and I want to sell my product, I have to pay Google. My result will be at the top.

What is CPC Cost Per Click?

My ad appears when the user is looking for a solution. When Google shows the ad, I will not pay Google, and I will only pay Google when the user clicks on the ad.

CPC is the right word, and CPC means how much Google charges me for relevant keywords.

CPC is the cost of a user’s clicks on the Google search engine. When the user visits my website, I pay Google. CPC is the cost of a click. I will only pay Google as an advertisement when the user clicks on these ads.

Each keyword has a specific amount. CPC is based on ad display, and if I want to place my ad at the top, CPC will cost more. I mean that apart from the type of service solution product I am selling, many other competitors like me are selling the same products, which means I have to compete with other businesses in business development. In this scenario, I would have to pay more for CPC.

If I’m paying more than my competitor, my ad will appear at the top, and if other companies are paying more than me for a particular keyword, they will be at the top. Ads are placed on the amount of money we pay Google for each word, and that’s all.

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